Pirate 21 Blackjack Review

Take a look at our Pirate 21 Blackjack Review to see how it is played and what casinos you can play and win this version of blackjack online.

Developed by Betsoft

The Pirate 21 blackjack game is a popular blackjack variant developed by Betsoft, and it uses a Spanish card pack with 48 cards in each selection. This is similar to French cards, but they contain 52 cards.

BetSoft’s Pirate 21 game is one of the more engaging blackjack variants available in online casinos. Pirate 21 stands out from other online blackjack gaming software based on a few precepts and attributes which include an extremely smooth platform which can make a big difference, as there is nothing worse than playing a game that lags or is jerky.

Pirate 21 Blackjack Fundamentals

There are 48 cards included in every selection of this game, which is one of its fundamental differences as there are no tens in the pack.

As a consequence, players tend to have difficulty executing a regular blackjack because there are no 10s available. You will discover, however, a few admirable principles that ensure a dealer does not operate with an excessive edge.

Depending on the outcome & card figure, players have the option to double down. Additionally, game players can concede defeat more easily after increasing their stakes following a double-down rescue.

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Closer Look at the Game

The Pirate 21 game works similarly to any online blackjack game, intending to gain more points than the casino. The exception is if the score goes beyond 21. Additionally, you can stake $1 – $100 per card, while multiple hand arrangements allow you to run three cards at the same time.

Terms that guide Pirate 21 blackjack play:

  • 10s are deducted for the Spain-structured Card-pack of 6.
  • Hits over soft 17 are often requested by the casino dealers.
  • Obviously Blackjack is what the casino is looking for.
  • Blackjack wins for the player over the casino.
  • At any time you can Double down.
  • After a split, you can double.
  • A second split of Aces is allowed.
  • After a split-up Aces game, hitting & doubling is allowed.
  • Overdue surrender is allowed.
  • Doubling down on the rescue is allowed.
  • Blackjack rewards players 3 to 2.

Pirate 21 Blackjack Payout Table Structure

Pirate 21’s online blackjack experience differs greatly from those of classic Las Vegas-based blackjack games in that it offers a variety of exclusive winnings based on specific cards. To qualify for these rewards, you don’t need to run extra side stakes; each payout relates to your typical start-up bet.

Hands that Pay Out 3 – 2:

  • Blackjack
  • Six-Seven-Eight (mixed suits).
  • Five-card 21.
  • A Seven-Seven-Seven (mixed suits).

These Hands Pay Out 2-1:

  • Six-card 21.
  • Seven-Seven-Seven in the same pairs.
  • Get a Six-Seven-Eight in the same pairs.

Following Hands Pay Out 3-1:

  • Six-Seven-Eight in Spades.
  • A Seven-Seven-Seven in Spades.
  • 21 in seven cards or more.
A Suited Seven-Seven-Seven in addition to dealer Seven pays $1000/$5000.

Pair the Croupier Side Stakes

As well as the excellent range of bonuses, Pirate 21 Blackjack also offers side bets that offer rewards every time the player receives two hands that match the dealers’ up-card.

Unsuitable combinations grant rewards of 4-1, whereas suitable combinations grant rewards of 9-1 for circumstances in which both player cards pair up with the dealer. High-rated payouts are the only ones that grant bonuses.

Examples of Croupier Side Bets

It is possible that the dealer could present/display a Seven of Spades after the first hand and the side bet would win 4-1 if that were to happen.

There is a chance that any card of the first three will be the Seven of Spades, followed by the dealer showing the Seven of Spades, and thus, the side bet will be winning at 9-1.

If the initial cards are Seven of Spades & Seven of Hearts, then if the dealer presents or displays Seven of Spades, all the appropriate combinations will result in 9 – 1 for the side bet.

Pirate Blackjack VS Spanish 21

It appears that most players have noticed that Pirate 21 Blackjack shares similarities with Pontoon & Spanish 21. We took this into account to see how they compare.

Both games employ 48-carded packs, and most of the fundamentals are shared between the two. With either of these options, it is possible to double down anytime, double down recovering, split up towards 4-cards, late surrender, split Aces over again, and double up after a split. Typically, a player will grab a face-down playing card and apply it over soft 17 to make wins.

Difference with Spanish Blackjack

The differences with Spanish Blackjack are slight and tend to go unnoticed, but are significant nonetheless:

  • There are eight span-structured decks available and in use.
  • Players can double down at a later time, as a result of a double-down.
  • If a dealers’ Seven is well-matched with three Sevens, the rewards are 50 to 1.

It is the ability to be able to double-down twice over just one card that is the most important change. In this case, by doing so, it lowers the house edge rate by more than 0.38%, which is almost the same value as the Spain-structured Blackjack. Betsoft’s Pirate 21 has an edge around the 0.76% range during this period.

Where to play Pirate 21 Blackjack

There are many reliable Instant-play casinos where you can play Pirate 21 Blackjack. Players can usually select from a variety of instant & safe payment processors that they provide for standard online blackjack players through these platforms too.

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Mobile Available
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Game Overview

Game Name
Pirate 21 Blackjack
4.0 rating
Game Type
Table Game
Game Theme
Software Developer
Betsoft Gaming
Date Released
May 22, 2013
Progressive Jackpots
Side Bets
99.24 %

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