Perfect Pairs Blackjack

As a blackjack site it is logical to see a review of the game of Perfect Pairs Blackjack. Let’s take a closer look at the game.

For the purposes of this review, we will assume you have an understanding of the basics of blackjack. If not we recommend you first read Understand the Basics of Blackjack.

Perfect Pairs is Different

Hopefully we will be able to highlight the differences in the way perfect pairs is played from other variations of blackjack.

As you will see it starts out similar to other forms, and is dealt in the same fashion.

Cards Point Scoring

Similar to most games of blackjack you count the cards as follows during the hand.

  • Cards 2 through 9 are counted as face value. (Example: 2 is two and a 6 is counted as six)
  • 10 is counted as 10
  • Face Cards Jack, Queen and King are also counted as 10
  • Ace is counted as either 1 or 11

Ante and Wager

When you first start a hand of perfect pairs, you place a wager on the outcome of the game, this you know as your ante.

Depending on the casino you are playing at, will determine what your minimum ante will be. Using RTG as an example, we found most casinos allow you to place minimum bets of $1 up to $100. This may be higher for you when you qualify at higher VIP levels.

Perfect Pairs Screenshot from an RTG Casino

perfect pairs blackjack image

Perfect Pairs Side Bet

Main difference in perfect pairs is that you can make a side bet that you will be dealt a pair.

The side bet is in addition to you regular ante bet, and must be placed before the deal. This allows you a second chance to win. It is possible to win the side bet but not the hand, or win the hand and not the side bet.

There are 3 ways to win the side bet.

  • Mixed Pair, Any pair of cards no matter what color or suit.
  • Colored Pair, Any pair of cards same face value and color.
  • Perfect Pair, Any pair of cards same face value and color and suit.

Perfect Pairs Payouts

Average payouts for perfect pairs for the side bets are as follows. For the mixed pair it is 6 to 1, and for the colored pair you win 12 to 1.

For the perfect pair the payout is 25 to 1 so pretty decent payout for a side bet on a lucky day. Some software providers are higher, as an example Arrows Edge version of perfect pairs pays out a Perfect Pair at 30 to 1.

Betting Limits

Most RTG casinos as an example will have betting limits from $1 up to $100 per hand.

VIP players at certain casinos may actually be offered higher limits depending on your VIP Level.

Software Providers

Quite a few software providers have a version of perfect pairs due to it’s popularity. We are sure you like the challenge of the side bet.

RTG (Real Time Gaming) is one of our personal favorites along with WGS, but there are many others. Other providers include, Microgaming, Arrows Edge, WGS (Wager Gaming), Evolution Gaming, Cryptologic, Playtech and there are likely a few more we did not mention.

Microgaming’s version is Perfect Pairs European Multi Hand Blackjack for those that seek out the European version.

House Edge

Research shows that the estimated house edge on perfect pairs blackjack has a bit of a wide range. While we would like to give a more definitive answer, too many places rate it much differently then others. A lot has to do with whether it is a 6 deck or 8 deck shoe.

Overall many factors, such as number of decks in the shoe, and whether there are side bets affect the house edge on any variation of blackjack. The best range we can list is between 2% and 11%.

We enjoy playing perfect pairs on occasion and when we do we like to play with an 8 deck shoe for a little better game.

Strategy for This Variation

There are so many factors for you to consider when thinking in terms of blackjack strategy. You should keep in min the perfect pairs variation adds an extra little bit to that.

Playing a smart hand of blackjack is the best thing we can recommend. For the perfect pairs side bet, that is usually best left up to an exciting extra wager to place on the luck of the cards. Some players suggest dedicating a certain amount extra for the side bet as part of your bankroll strategy and keeping it going until you hit the perfect pair.

Most important thing for you to remember is to gamble responsibly.

Conclusion on Perfect Pairs Blackjack

In conclusion we found perfect pairs to be a really nice variation of blackjack. We like the extra thrill of making an extra side bet once in a while. When you get the pairs, you will experience the feeling of winning the side bet. This in addition to beating the dealer adds even more to the entertainment value for you.


Vegas Crest

4.5 rating
200% up to $1000
US Accepted
Mobile Available
Progressive Jackpots
Live Dealer Games
18+ Terms and Conditions ApplySee casino site for more information. Please gamble responsibly. 18+


Game Overview

Game Name
Perfect Pairs Blackjack
4.5 rating
Game Type
Table Game
Software Developer
Real Time Gaming (RTG), Arrows Edge, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, CryptoLogic, Playtech, Wager Gaming System (WGS), Felt Gaming
Date Released
September 2015
Progressive Jackpots
Side Bets
Bet Limits
$1.00 to $100
House Edge
2% to 11%
90.08 %

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