Blackjack Lucky Sevens

Blackjack Lucky Sevens is a fun variation of the game of 21 available online. This game is not available in all casinos.

Blackjack Lucky Sevens Table Layout and Theme

This variation of blackjack is very much alike most games of 21 you see in any casino. You sit down at the table across from the dealer. If you like background music there is a very mellow piano melody playing. You can go in to settings an turn off all sounds. Or you may like sound effects on but turn off the piano, it is your choice.

Game is ready for play, make your bet and click deal and the game starts.

Blackjack Lucky Sevens Standard Rule

Lucky sevens blackjack plays very similar to most other games of blackjack. Your object is to match or get as close to 21 as possible without going over. You play against the dealer, not other players. Dealer must stand on 17 and insurance pays 2 to 1.

During the initial deal takes place you get 2 cards face up in the deal. The dealer gets 2 card one up, one face down. The game then proceeds. You choose whether to take another card or stand on your original hand.

If you need to read more on the basics blackjack see our article here on blackjack rules.

Lucky Sevens Special Rules

This game has a lucky seven bonus. Any time you get 3 sevens dealt on a single hand, you get the bonus. Bonus is 1.5 times the initial bet.

lucky sevens blackjack

Blackjack Lucky Sevens Feature List

Many players like the features this game offers such as:

  • Blackjack paid at 3:2.
  • Blackjack always beats any other hand with a value of 21.
  • Combination of 2 cards adding to 21 is called blackjack.
  • You may split any hand if dealt two cards of the same value.
  • Insurance is offered on any hand the dealer has an ace face up.
  • If player hits blackjack and dealer has an open ace, you may take even money win.
  • Lucky Seven Blackjack bonus available.

Play Multiple Hands at Once

Blackjack Lucky Sevens allows you to play up to 3 hands at once. To play extra hands, be sure to place a bet in the circle to your left or right before the deal. Each hand dealt is independent. You will have all the normal choices of hit, stand split for each hand. When playing multiple hands it is easy to see which one is active. The current active hand will have a light will shone on it, making it brighter then other hands.

Winning more then one hand will add to you bank roll from each win.

How to Play Blackjack Lucky Sevens

If you have ever played blackjack in an online casino you will see how easy it is in the game. To place your bet you click the chip size you want to bet and then select the card are to place that bet. Additional clicks in the area will increment the bet each click. If you make a mistake, choose the red X chip then select the card area and it will clear that bet.

The minimums bet amount is clearly marked on the table. Some casinos may offer higher amounts depending on your VIP level at that casino.

Additional Considerations

Lucky Sevens Blackjack uses 6 standard decks of 52 cards in the shoe. There are no jokers used. The cards will shuffle at the start of each game.

There are no side bets in this variation of 21.

Mobile Ready

This version of blackjack is fully mobile capable. Game uses the latest html5 technology. You get a great experience in either your desktop browser or mobile device.

RTP on Lucky Sevens

The rtp on this game is clearly defined. Blackjack Lucky Sevens rtp is 99.7%.

Game Review Conclusion

We enjoy this version of blackjack. The graphics are crisp and clear and we like keeping background sound enable with the music off at times. We did not hit the lucky seven bonus as often as we had hoped during testing. Having the bonus available did add extra excitement any time a seven was dealt.

To play this game visit any casino that uses games from EvoPlay.



4.5 rating
77% Deposit Bonus up to 1BTC
US Accepted
Mobile Available
Progressive Jackpots
18+ Terms and Conditions ApplySee casino site for more information. Please gamble responsibly. 18+


Game Overview

Game Name
Blackjack Lucky Sevens
4.0 rating
Game Type
Table Game
Game Theme
Software Developer
Date Released
February 2018
Progressive Jackpots
Side Bets
Bet Limits
0.10€ up to 100.00€ Per Hand
House Edge
99.7 %

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