Live Online Blackjack

Let’s take a look at Live Online Blackjack and how it is played at online casinos.

Live Blackjack No Longer Missing at Online Casinos

Do you love to play the game of Blackjack at your favorite online casino? Maybe you miss the excitement and thrill of playing against other players? Miss the feeling of playing at the same table with other players at your local land based casino?

If you answered yes, Blackjack World has some fantastic news for you! Available now at some of your best online casinos are “Live Blackjack” games that will make you feel like you are in Las Vegas. Sitting at tables rubbing elbows with other blackjack players and feeling the thrill of the game, with live dealers, like never before, right in the comfort of your own home!

Software Advancements

With all the latest enhancements and advances in online casino software, we truly have the Highest Paying Live Dealer Casinos available anywhere on the internet.

The technology at online casinos has progressed to new heights with the inclusions of live dealer games. This gives you, the online gambler even more reasons to stay home in the safety of your living rooms to play.

You can now enjoy all the games that you love so much that used to only be available at land based casinos where theft, scammers, drunks and rude, loud and obnoxious gamblers are also part of the scenario.

Blackjack Screenshot

live blackjack from visionary

Realistic Games

Some may be thinking right now, “how real can these live games be”? We are here to tell you that if choosing the right casinos and right software, these live games are better than being there live!

In the early days of live online gaming, Playtech were innovators. They were early pioneers of many online games. Previously considered graphically superb, Playtech did help lead toward innovation and involvement of other software developers.

More Developers Release Live Gaming

Obvious from the start that live dealer games would not stay limited to only to Playtech. A few other software providers such as Evolution and Microgaming have had live dealers for many years.

Some online casino software providers steered clear of the live gaming realm for a long time. But as the technology matured and online casinos became more accepted, it was logical other providers would enter the market.

Other Live Dealer Studios

In recent years a few other studios have released live dealer games. Many of the games by them are being integrated with a number of online casino providers. The better and more popular ones usually allow for integrating directly into a casino operators current site without having to rebuild their entire site. In most cases as a player you would just see the live dealer lobby as an added choice to the current game list.

This allows operators that might use strictly RTG or a short list of software such as Betsoft, Dranon Gaming, WGS or others to add live games directly into their suites of games.

Some Studios Distinctly Better

Some live gaming studios that are gaining a lot of attention and have a distinct advantage over the others are Fresh Deck Studios and Visionary Gaming (ViG).

We personally both of these software provider groups to be some of the best in recent years. Most likely that is why both of them have grown and are being added at more casinos that lack live games all the time.

Cheering and Moaning Like a Land Casino

The excitement of the other gamblers surrounding you is unmistakable and contagious. You will find yourself yelling and cheering with the best of them when you win and moaning when you bust out.

Admit it. You have found yourself playing blackjack at casino that even if you bust, you still feel good watching the guy beside you win. Granted I also like it when me and the guy beside me win though, LOL.

We here at Blackjack can not recommend enough how much we love Live Gaming at our favorite online casino and we will guarantee that bigger and better things are on the horizon for online gamers.

How Do the Studios Appear?

Most of the live dealer studios appear similar to a live casino. You see a room full of tables, some will be occupied and some will not.

You pick a table that has betting limits you are looking for. This will be clearly identified for you. Pick a seat, place your ante and proceed to play.

Once seated, you will be able to clearly see the dealer. The table and the cards dealt are clearly visible. You are given the feeling that you are right there in the studio at the table. And don’t worry, the dealers we have encountered in each of the studios are friendly, courteous and professional.

Tracking Your Balance and Bets

No worries keeping track of your balance or the amount you have bet.

Depending on which casino you play, your cash flow and bet amounts are visible at the bottom or top of the screen and clearly visible. You bet chips will clearly be seen in front of your seat, just like playing in any live casino, or most online table games.

Most Comfortable Way to Play Blackjack

Once you make your bet, you can sit back in your big comfortable chair, in your safe and warm home. Watch the dealer shuffle and then deal out the cards to you and the other players.

Watch as each player takes a hit or a stand, bets or folds, until it’s your turn and then you join in the action and play your cards and find out your fate. Missing are the distractions that some casinos are known for which allows you to concentrate more on your game and winning. All in a Las Vegas feel that can not be mistaken.

Blackjack Lovers Enjoy This Style

Most blackjack players really love playing this style of online game.

We also love playing live Blackjack and are thrilled to be able to communicate how fun live gaming can be. Our hope is you will also take the plunge into the “real” world of online gambling and take a shot at a live dealer blackjack game too!

Popularity of Blackjack

As long as the popularity of live gambling continues to increase at the pace as it has been for many years, there will always be a need for Casinos With Live Blackjack Dealers.

Obviously since blackjack is one of the most popular games in any casino, those casinos with live blackjack are often among the fastest growing casinos online.

Which Studio is Best

It is quite difficult to pin down exactly which live dealer studios are the best. If we we were pressed we could most likely shorten the list down to two of our top picks.

That would have to be Visionary Gaming and Fresh Deck Studios. They are widely accepted and available at many different casinos around the world. If you would like a deeper dive in to either of top picks for live gaming, see below for the full review on them.


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