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Slots Plus Casino
Slots Plus Casino - $125 

Although the name of the casino is Slots Plus and they obviously have a theme based around slot machines, you can be asured that this casino also has thrilling table games and video poker.

Their games are based on software provided by RTG. In fact, many of the most popular online casinos use RTG Software.

There has been reports that RTG is the fastest online gambling software available. Under optimal conditions, it has been said that an experienced gambler could effectively play up to 1000 hands of blackjack per hour.

Now we are not recommending you actually try this unless you are really adverturous, but this does go to show you that you can certainly enjoy playing blackjack using software that could withstand that speed of play, you obviously won't be waiting around for the dealer to catch up.

The biggest reason we recommend Slots Plus is their reputation for treating players right and paying them when they win. That is extremely important when picking an online casino whether you want to play blackjack, slots or any other game.


  • Exclusive Vegas Style Slots.
  • Better than Vegas Payouts at over 98%
  • Progressive Jackpots of over $1,100,000.
  • Unique Player Certification Payouts - Fast Service!


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