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BlackJack Strategy

Blackjack is a card game that has been around for decades when there was only one version of the game to play. Since the inception of the game of 21, many versions have been born with different rules for each type of style game, but they all have a place in every casino around the world whether land based or online.

For a card game of chance to have the longevity that Blackjack has had, the game must have a reputation which is attractive to gamblers. The only attractive asset to a gambler is a winning asset!

Gamblers every day walk away from a blackjack table with a huge smile on their face and a pocket full of money; does this mean they have some type of winning strategy? Or were they just having a lucky day at the tables?

Blackjack World has scoured the online industry in search of the answers to that very question, “Is there a strategy to beating the Blackjack table”?

What we have come back with after all the adventurous travels into countless casinos where we had to endure playing the game of blackjack for days and days [ such misery!] is that everyone can have their own brand of strategy for any game of chance, but you must remember it’s a “strategy” not a system or guarantee of riches.

Below are some of the best strategies in the Blackjack World that we found during our travels and we wish to pass them on to you, our faithful readers in hopes of helping you attain your pot of gold at the end of your Blackjack table of choice!

Most Popular BlackJack Strategies

  •  Know the table limits – Whether your playing at an Online Casino or a Land Based Casino, each will have multiple tables offering different table limits of Blackjack [also many versions so make sure you know which version you are also choosing] this can make a huge difference on your bankroll and your game play. If you choose a table that has a $10 minimum bet and your bankroll is only $50 you may be done playing before you even have a chance to sit down! It’s extremely important especially for a new comer to strategize your money correctly and work your way from the smaller limit tables and advance to the higher limits when the cash flow allows.
  •  Knowing when to take a “hit” or not – Everyone needs to understand that in the game of blackjack the dealer has to hit when his two cards total 16 or lower, and the dealer has to “stand” when his two cards are 17 or higher. Knowing this can help you strategize greatly your game play. If the dealer’s hand is showing an 8 or higher you need to assume that his down card has a good chance of being a 10 or face card so if your hand does not total 18 or higher you need to take a hit. If the dealer’s hand is showing a 6 or lower on his up turned card, then you have a good chance of beating the dealer even by standing on a hand lower than 16 because the odds are in your favor that with his hit he will bust. Using these types of “thinking” strategies instead of “feeling” impulses will make you a better Blackjack player and hopefully a winner!
  •  Play in “free mode” where available – If your casino of choice gives you the option to play their games in free play mode do so, this will give you the time and free cash to learn the games you don’t understand or need brushing up on, it will also allow you to get the feel of their games, how they are played, how the software runs and how the cards are falling. You can experiment with strategies without losing any cash, and help yourself to get ready to join in a real money game and walk away a winner.

There are many different strategies that you can experiment with, but remember they are “strategies” not winning systems. Go into any game of chance with the knowledge that you may walk away a loser, but play for the enjoyment, and relax, that is one strategy that is perfect and 100% guaranteed.


We encourage players to be sure to have a good understanding of the rules of blackjack, and to follow at least the basics of good strategy when playing either online or in your favorite land based caino.

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